Yankees game 7: Fans cheer their team in local bars

WHITE PLAINS – It was New York Yankees central in White Plains.

The typical weekend dance music in the Mamaroneck Avenue bars was replaced by the voices of Joe Buck and John Smoltz calling game seven of the Yankees Championship Game.

Jerseys and t-shirts of present team stars and franchise greats matched with navy blue Yankee caps made the bars look like the Bleacher Creatures of Yankee Stadium.

“There’s no energy like playoff baseball in New York,” Brazen Fox owner Neal Alpuche said. “People have been rooting hard. It’s a young team that’s overachieving, and they love it.”

In the fifth inning with the Yankees down 1-0, the Astros third baseman made a strong throw to home plate to gun down what would’ve been the tying run. The next inning, the Astros scored extended the lead to two with a home run.

But it didn’t quiet the spectators.

A group of friends – Chris Esposito, Rob Caporole and Nick Shaw – sat in the corner of Brazen Fox next to a large-screen TV. They come to Brazen Fox every weekend.

“It’s never this packed this early here. People were fired up,” Caporole around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday. “This team has to opportunity to go to the World Series, so we’re going to come out here supporting them.”

Even with the Yankees trailing, there was no chance of them leaving.

“There’s always a chance of this team coming back,” Esposito said.

Staten Island Yankees open season with 2-1 home victory over Brooklyn Cyclones before crowd of 6,711

For openers, it was a doozy.

By the time Tyler Webb, a 6-foot-6 left-hander, blew a fastball past Anthony Chavez for the final out with a festive crowd of 6,711 rising to its feet, the Staten Island Yankees had plenty of reason to celebrate.

Their 2-1 victory over the Brooklyn Cyclones had a little bit of everything on Opening Night in the New York-Penn League, from Amanda Lee Alicea, the reigning Miss Staten Island, singing the national anthem, to shorter food lines and overall good vibes at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark in St. George.

That last inning … two outs … two strikes … everyone getting on their feet … you have to get some goosebumps, said Staten Island manager Justin Pope. That’s nice. That’s baseball right there.

Heck, one lucky fan even won a CC Sabathia autographed baseball, and former New York Met first-round pick Lee Mazzilli was in the house to watch his son L.J. get two hits in his pro debut with the Cyclones.

The local franchise has been wildly successful on the field, capturing six championships in its first 14 summers, but not so much in season openers.

The Baby Bombers took a 1-13 overall record into Monday nights contest.

University of Michigan product Mike O’Neill was front and center on a team that rolled out sharp pitching, mostly excellent defense and speed on the basepaths. The nephew of former New York Yankee great Paul O’Neill obviously has commendable baseball bloodlines.

O’Neill, a recent third-round draft pick by the parent Yankees, made a diving catch in left field on Matt Oberstes sinking line drive leading off the second inning. He had a smash off starting pitcher Robert Gsellman for an infield single in the third before stealing second and third base, and ripped a double to left in the fifth.

What I like about him is that hes a student of the game, said Pope. Hes always talking baseball.

Winning pitcher Giovanny Gallegos worked five scoreless innings for the win, allowing three singles, and was backed by the bullpen work of Charles Basford, James Pazos and finally Webb in the ninth.

Brooklyn’s lone run came on James Roches two-out solo home run over the right-centerfield wall in the top of the seventh inning.

Staten Island had taken a 2-0 second-inning lead when Brandon Thomas led off with an infield single, stole second, and moved to third on Isaias Tejedas infield single. Daniel Lopez was beaned by an errant Gsellman fastball to load the bases, and Thomas and Tejeda scored when Brooklyn third baseman Chavez charged a grounder and threw wildly past first baseman Oberste.

O’Neill said Pope approached him at a Sunday workout and told him to take some fly balls in left field. He was primarily a right-fielder at Michigan with some duty in centerfield. He turned the first ball hit to him as a professional player into a highlight-reel play moving to his right.

It was a good night, exciting crowd, lots of noise, said O’Neill. Playing in front of the home fans is fun. It was neat, hearing them announce your name as you run out on the field. That doesn’t happen in college.

O’Neill said he regularly talks baseball with his uncle, but prefers to make his way through the professional ranks on his own merit.

They asked me if I wanted No. 21 and I said I didn’t, said O’Neill. I’m either going to make it on my own or I’m got going to make it.

My uncles definitely in my corner, I know that. He was very excited for me to get drafted because he can kind of go through the whole process again … from the outside looking in.

And that famous Paul O’Neill intensity?

My blood will flare up occasionally but I try to stay more level-headed than he did, said the rookie outfielder. But with him, it was never a show. That’s just how he is … the most competitive person I’ve ever seen in my life.

NOTES: The three-game series continues Tuesday night in Coney Island before returning to St. George for the Wednesday night finale … Shortstop and leadoff batter John Murphy went 2-for-3 with a walk in his debut while DH Yeicok Calderon and O’Neill also had two hits apiece … Gsellman went seven innings with six strikeouts and the two unearned runs in the second.

6 Occasions When it’s Cool to Wear Your Pajamas in Public

If you really love wearing your PJs, and you’re using every chance you get to do so, we have good news for you. There are legit reasons for you to wear your pajamas in public. Keep reading, and get your notebook ready.

What’s appropriate and what isn’t is not your greatest concern? Great, it isn’t ours either. But, you still can’t just show up in your favorite onesie at work.

Or can you?

Here’s a list of those special occasions when you can wear your pajamas in public freely

*After a break-up

Splitting up with someone is difficult enough as it is. Now, add to that the fact that you should get dressed, and act as a fully functional adult for hours each day, and the results can overwhelm you. That’s why we recommend a simple cure for those first post-breakup hours. Comfort yourself by wearing your favorite onesie, binging on your favorite feel-good show, and eating tons of comfort food.

* When you’re sick

When you get ill, the very last thing you want to do is leave your warm, comfy bed. With that in mind, getting your clothes on is out of the question. So, whether you’re battling chicken pox, allergies, the flu, a fever, or upset stomach, take our simple advice. Stay in bed, stay in your favorite PJs and get better soon. If you have a good onesie, even a quick trip to the store in it will be just fine.

* When you’re done with work for the day

When you come home from work, that’s it. You get to throw your shoes as far away as you can, take off that suit, and put on your favorite pajamas. After you have spent all day in that uncomfortable clothing, you need to unwind in something loose and fun. Lounge in your onesie and forget all about your worries.

* If you’re in college, literally anytime you want

Being a college student is sometimes the best thing to be. For one, there’s no dress code. As a student, you can drop out of bed ten minutes before classes start, and go there in the pajamas you’ve slept in. Our advice? Take advantage of that fact while you still have the chance! Wear onesies to classes, parties, and study sessions!

* Shopping for groceries

We all hate chores, but here’s one that you can use to your advantage. It is absolutely acceptable to go grocery shopping in your pajamas. Everyone at the grocery store will be too busy with their own problems to notice or comment on what you’re wearing. So, flaunt that awesome onesie you always wanted to show off.

* Weekends

Well, we’re not sure about you, but in our homes, weekends are the primetime for PJ wearing. You get to sleep in, lounge around, and relax before the inevitable Monday arrives. Actually, if you’re not lounging in your favorite onesie during weekends, you’re doing something terribly wrong with your life, and you need to reconsider your choices. Just try it for one weekend, and you’ll want to stay in your onesie for the rest of the week!

All of these are completely legit reasons for you to stay longer in your favorite pajamas. Have fun!