6 Occasions When it’s Cool to Wear Your Pajamas in Public

If you really love wearing your PJs, and you’re using every chance you get to do so, we have good news for you. There are legit reasons for you to wear your pajamas in public. Keep reading, and get your notebook ready.

What’s appropriate and what isn’t is not your greatest concern? Great, it isn’t ours either. But, you still can’t just show up in your favorite onesie at work.

Or can you?

Here’s a list of those special occasions when you can wear your pajamas in public freely

*After a break-up

Splitting up with someone is difficult enough as it is. Now, add to that the fact that you should get dressed, and act as a fully functional adult for hours each day, and the results can overwhelm you. That’s why we recommend a simple cure for those first post-breakup hours. Comfort yourself by wearing your favorite onesie, binging on your favorite feel-good show, and eating tons of comfort food.

* When you’re sick

When you get ill, the very last thing you want to do is leave your warm, comfy bed. With that in mind, getting your clothes on is out of the question. So, whether you’re battling chicken pox, allergies, the flu, a fever, or upset stomach, take our simple advice. Stay in bed, stay in your favorite PJs and get better soon. If you have a good onesie, even a quick trip to the store in it will be just fine.

* When you’re done with work for the day

When you come home from work, that’s it. You get to throw your shoes as far away as you can, take off that suit, and put on your favorite pajamas. After you have spent all day in that uncomfortable clothing, you need to unwind in something loose and fun. Lounge in your onesie and forget all about your worries.

* If you’re in college, literally anytime you want

Being a college student is sometimes the best thing to be. For one, there’s no dress code. As a student, you can drop out of bed ten minutes before classes start, and go there in the pajamas you’ve slept in. Our advice? Take advantage of that fact while you still have the chance! Wear onesies to classes, parties, and study sessions!

* Shopping for groceries

We all hate chores, but here’s one that you can use to your advantage. It is absolutely acceptable to go grocery shopping in your pajamas. Everyone at the grocery store will be too busy with their own problems to notice or comment on what you’re wearing. So, flaunt that awesome onesie you always wanted to show off.

* Weekends

Well, we’re not sure about you, but in our homes, weekends are the primetime for PJ wearing. You get to sleep in, lounge around, and relax before the inevitable Monday arrives. Actually, if you’re not lounging in your favorite onesie during weekends, you’re doing something terribly wrong with your life, and you need to reconsider your choices. Just try it for one weekend, and you’ll want to stay in your onesie for the rest of the week!

All of these are completely legit reasons for you to stay longer in your favorite pajamas. Have fun!